• 1 Dial access number: (213) 401-0020
  • 2 Enter your MyLine PIN or Activate PINLESS dialing
  • 3 Dial the destination phone number. Start with country code, then phone number or use a Speed Dial code. For example: to call India: enter 91 then dial the India Phone number. To Call USA/Canada: Dial 1 plus the USA/Canada phone number.

USE MyLine's MAGIC JACK for PINLESS Calling feature:

This is a great function MyLine that allows you to use your Magic Jack device or App from anywhere in the World to connect you with MyLine's low calling rates. MyLine calls are cheaper than MagicJack Service and you can now use Magic Jack to access MyLine's lower rates.

This exclusive feature allows you to use Magic Jack and your own Magic Jack ID to attach to MyLine’s calling network to make Pin free calls to anywhere. You need to buy a MyLine Account and have a Magic Jack User ID. If you want to call by using Magic Jack, you CLICK ON MyLine Magic Jack ID to link to MyLine. You will not have to enter your PIN number to dial the destination number.

How to Activate the MagicJack to MyLine Feature:

  • Login to MyLine and go to the USER MENU. Then select "PIN LESS DIALING SETUP"
  •  After Selecting the MyLine PIN you wish to use with the MagicJack feature, add your "MagicJack phone number for PIN Free Dialing" by clicking on the "Register" button.
  • To make a call using MagicJack, just dial MyLine Access number and listen to the prompt "Please enter the phone number you wish to dial"

This is an amazing feature that enables you to use MagicJack from anywhere in the World to connect to MyLine in order to make cheap calls to India
With MyLine your calls are actually cheaper than MagicJack prepaid Service!