3-Way Calling to India and Anywhere in the World by using MyLine ?

Striving relentlessly for providing their customers no less than best in the market, MyLine holds the reputation of being innovative, superior yet cost-effective than its other competitors in the telecom industry. In this pursuit of excellence, MyLine presents the comprehensive “Three Way Call/ Conference Call” software/ application for Andriod users around the globe. This application has been especially designed for easy Android 3 way calling in order to help individuals and enterprises alike. Easy to use and install, this android application delivers superior call quality.

How to make a conference call/Three-Way Call using MyLine Android App?

This application is very easy to use. Just make a call on one number and once connected place the first call on hold. Subsequently, dial another number. As soon you get connected to another call you would find of call merge on you phone’s display. Click on this button to merge both calls, thereby, establishing a conference call among three people from anywhere in the world. Given below is a visual chart to aid you in understanding android 3 way calling better.

  • Make your first call, Place the call on hold first
  • Dial the number of the second person
  • When the call connects, the first call is put on hold. You are now speaking to the second person. Now merage both the call.
three way calling

This application empowers the android users around the world to talk with two people at the same time on one phone line be it their loved ones, peers and friends via voice conferencing. Owing to its intuitive user interface one can add and drop participants from conversations easily. The live call always appears at the top of the mobile display and one can easily swap the calls as well. This offering has emerged as a boon for people who work overseas or have to regularly connect with their clients or colleagues working abroad. It empowers today’s mobile workforce to stay connected on the go and deliver more productivity.

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